We hear from patients all the time that they are fearful of dental implant surgery. Most people envision this as an invasive procedure when in fact it’s a very simple surgery. A lot of people have had a tooth extracted. Whether it was their wisdom teeth, baby teeth, or adult teeth needing to be removed for braces, an extraction can be a much more difficult procedure. It takes a fair amount of pressure on the tooth to get it out, and sometimes there is noise and breakage of the teeth. Then once the tooth is out, you’re left with this large hole that needs to heal, and the area can be pretty sore.

With an implant there is none of that! If you’ve had a tooth filled, just picture that experience. The process probably involved about 1-2 minutes in which you would feel a vibration sensation followed by a water rinse to clean out the cavity, and then it was filled. That’s the same for an implant. There are about 2-3 steps that cause vibration followed by a water rinsing, each lasting about 15 seconds, to prepare the space for the implant, and then the implant can be placed by hand. After the surgery there is typically zero bleeding and only a slight tenderness of the gums around the implant. Of course, you will be completely numb and we will always test and make sure you are as comfortable as possible. In the event you still feel some apprehension about the procedure, we offer nitrous oxide as a complimentary addition, or, if you want a stronger sedative for the procedure, oral conscious sedation is available.