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We believe that the way to achieve exceptional results is to tailor each treatment to best suit the patient’s needs and goals. As a result, full mouth rehabilitation begins with a thorough evaluation, performed by either Dr. Coleman or Dr. John, our experienced dentists, and our skilled dental team. Once your teeth and oral structures are analyzed, we will also take the time to speak with your about your concerns and goals. After all, full mouth restoration is as much about helping you improve the beauty of your smile as it is about enhancing the function of your teeth. From there, we will develop a customized treatment plan based on what we have discussed.

Every full mouth reconstruction is unique. Therefore, your experience will vary depending on the procedures that make up your treatment plan. We will detail each step of the process to help you become as well informed and well prepared as possible for each stage of treatment. Some techniques can be completed in the same office visit, others will have to be scheduled separately. To make things more convenient for you, we will take into consideration your preferences when setting up appointments. Some procedures are quick, like teeth whitening, others can take more time, such as Invisalign®. Regardless of the number or complexity of your dental concerns, we are committed to making your care as pleasant and satisfying as possible.

For more specific information about what to expect from full mouth restoration, we encourage you to speak with our dentists and learn how treatment can be personalized to your needs.