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Sedation Dentistry

If you experience anxiety before visiting the dentist, you are not alone. We understand that dental phobia is common – some of our patients at Coleman & Coleman Dentistry have not seen a dentist in many years because of the anxiety they feel at even just the thought of having dental work. Fortunately, we offer a safe and effective solution to dental phobia: sedation dentistry. There are now a variety of techniques to help patients feel comfortable and relaxed during dental treatment. Sedation dentistry involves no needles, can provide relief for patients who do not easily experience numbness from traditional anesthesia, and can allow your dentist to complete more dental work in a single visit – reducing the total number of appointments needed to complete your treatment. Drs. Coleman and Coleman do not want fear to come between you and a healthy mouth. Both doctors have extensive training in sedation dentistry and are part of only 1% of practicing dentists certified in the U.S. Let us give you a gorgeous smile in a comfortable environment!

  • About an hour before your appointment, you’ll take 1 little pill at home to begin the process.
  • You’ll need a ride to your appointment because the medicine will already be taking effect.
  • You’ll arrive at our office and be taken to a comfortable room where we can ensure you experience no pain or stress.
  • Dr. Coleman will begin your treatment and soon your gorgeous smile will emerge.
  • Your friend or relative will need to drive you home.

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Dr. Coleman and Dr. John have over 30 years combined experience using sedation dentistry techniques that can ensure your treatments are virtually painless and stress-free. With oral conscious sedation, a small pill taken one hour prior to your appointment can help you remain relaxed and calm for the duration of your visit. Our office is also designed to create a peaceful atmosphere, and you will be given a warm, comfortable blanket when you arrive. Patients often feel so at ease during their treatment that they may not remember the scents or sounds they experienced. Since the effects of the sedative may last several hours after treatment, it is important to arrange transportation to and from your appointment as well as some downtime afterward.


Overcome dental anxiety with sleep dentistry with benefits that can include:

  • Calm, relaxed state of mind going into treatment
  • Needleless sedation with one easy pill
  • Virtually no pain or stress during treatment
  • Fewer overall visits to the dentist